Our  Services

Coming together after a loss is a very essential part of the grieving process.   Funerals and memorial services provide us with a safe place to "be there" for each other.

Create Healing Experiences - the gift of presence

We are honored to provide a safe place for families and friends to remember, share tears and laughter, and begin healing with the power of "presence."  In the depth of early grief, you might think that it would be ‘easier’ to just take care of things as simply – and as quickly –as possible.  But easier – especially in this circumstance – simply isn’t better.  You must set the stage for the future by giving your family and friends the opportunity to start the healing process together.   

Funeral Services - the value of significance

Gathering with friends and family gives everyone the opportunity to share memories, express emotions, and find comforting support. Whether you choose burial or cremation; whether you select a formal funeral or a more relaxed memorial service, the need to acknowledge the significance of our loss is very real.   We can help you create a meaningful ceremony that celebrates the importance of your loved one and the value they brought to you, your family and friends.

We offer families comfortable settings  in which to come together to honor your loved one. But, you may certainly choose to celebrate their life in a more unique setting. No matter where you decide to gather together, we can help you design a service that will make a difference in the lives of those who attend.

burial services - The Importance of heritage

You can choose to follow tradition, with a viewing, and then a funeral service in our funeral home, a church or other location, followed by a graveside service at the cemetery.   Many families find value in this tradition, while others prefer a different approach in remembering their loved one.

We’re here to listen to your concerns, share our experience, and help you to arrive at the best choices for your family.   Whether the burial is in a family, church, city, or privately-owned cemetery, we can help with a service at the graveside that cherishes  family heritage and provides a meaningful way to say goodbye.  

Cremation Services - The confidence of our care

Because we conduct cremations at our locally-owned and operated crematory, we provide cremation services under the supervision and care of our staff.  Cremation doesn’t limit the ways you can honor your loved one's life. We strongly suggest that you have a funeral or memorial service, because your need for such a healing experience is not lessened by the decision to be cremated. 

We offer a variety of cremation choices that fit most budgets.   We hope that you will contact us to discuss the wide variety of celebratory options open to you.

Celebrant services - a unique way to celebrate life

Judy Duke, our Certified Celebrant is available to help plan a ceremony that fits the family and the deceased.  She can help develop a theme that will honor your loved one based on their interest, career, hobbies, and attitudes.  Celebrant services help give families the healing gift of a personalized funeral tribute built on the stories of life.

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